White Label SEO Copywriting​

On average, our white label partners generate an additional £89,000 revenue each year offering our services as part of their product mix.

Why GSD?

GSD have operated in the SEO industry for over 15-years.

With clients from local 1-man-bands to global £bn tech startups. There isn’t much we haven’t seen in that time, nothing we haven’t strategised or delivered and conquered in SEO.

Now, all we do is white label SEO, no fuss, no BS, no conflicts of interest.


We are ONLY here to help our customers grow their agencies.

Everything we do is built, structured and delivered to help your agency grow. Having been there ourselves and owning a bespoke SEO agency that turned over £m’s, we’re uniquely placed to know what works, how and at a price that works for everyone.

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How Does It Work?

Most of our white label partners simply give us a call, drop us a slack or a text message with a brief outline of the clients wants, needs and targets. From there we propose a package that will fit.

These don’t always match, i.e the client might have expectations exceeding their budgets or be able to do better.

We’re always transparent and will have an honest conversation with you about deliverables and what will likely happen – it’s up to you how you relay this back to the end client.

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Real Time Reporting

Real time reporting for you and your end client. Track and analyse our SEO efforts, connect analytics, ads, email and much more to get a 360 degree view of your clients marketing. All free of charge.

“GSD made my life so much easier. It used to take me and my team all day to get one guest post – a problem we no longer have – Thanks a bunch.”

C Anderson

Marketing Manager from Bedforshire

“My clients couldn’t be happier with the workload, results and the performance of your services, much appreciated.”

Ellen A

Director, from London

“Danny and his team go above and beyond to help me get more clients in to my business and then they do all the work!. Buzzing”

Simon S

Agency Owner, London

What is White Label Copywriting?

Copywriting is something that we see every day, on almost every single advert we encounter, and still, few people know what a copywriter is.

That’s because copywriters largely operate behind the scenes, and their magic is subtle. But if you have ever read an advert and subsequently purchased something, one of these specialist advertisers has most likely swayed your opinion.

Not all of us are built for this line of work, as copywriting requires a lot of study and training to fully master. But because it is so vital to the success of businesses and every single advert and communication they release, copywriting simply cannot be neglected.

That’s why having a working relationship with a white label marketing agency who have dedicated, expert copywriters on-hand, can be game-changing for businesses.

A well-trained copywriter can enhance all levels of your sales funnel, and every communication in general. This makes your brand more attractive and more persuasive, and these results are measurable.

What Can You Help With?


A company may hire a copywriter to create a brochure, a menu or a script for a YouTube video – literally everything that needs to be written, needs a copywriter.

Your clients undoubtedly need a copywriter, even if they don’t necessarily use one. If they don’t use one, this means that you can have a massive impact on their business by introducing them to a high-quality copywriting service.

By dealing with us, you can dramatically increase the impact your clients are having on their clients, because we can enhance all of their copy and filter the results through your business, giving you the credit.

A copywriter who understands copywriting principles and methods of persuasion can be an extremely valuable asset to marketing companies, and that is exactly what we offer our clients as a white label service.


How Much Does Your White Label Copywriting Cost?

Copywriting, and direct response copywriting in particular, is one of the few methods of marketing that allow for a high degree of scientific precision.

By which I mean, with other indirect forms of marketing, such as logo-making, it is impossible to prove scientifically that a boost in sales is attributable to a new logo, for example. With direct-response copywriting, this is not the case.

If you take a PPC advert and upgrade its copy, making it more persuasive and tapping into elements of behavioural psychology, you can then measure the number of responses before and after the change to see its effect.

Because direct-response copywriting uses tangible, measurable variables, you can be scientific in your approach and improve on your copy with every single iteration of an ad.

Having access to such a service in the form of white label copywriting could mean a lot for your business. You could initially use this service to your own benefit, as white label services are cheaper than regular services because they are designed to be resold.

You could then offer this service to your clients and inform them that you are able to dramatically enhance their sales copy and boost their profitability as a result. With you being the middleman who takes the credit and pockets a share of the profit.

Not only are white label copywriting services useful for enhancing sales copy though, these professionals are also increasingly in demand for writing SEO-focused articles and website copy. 

If you are interested in our white label copywriting services, reach out to us today and we will explain how we can be of service to your business.

100% Manual

We do not use software, spammy tools or any other shortcuts to deliver your links.

Wholesale Prices

Our packages are designed to be resold at 2 to 5 times our prices.

Complete Transparency

You can track everything we do, everyday in real time and the results we're delivering.

It’s never been more vital to have a professionally written blog that converts. Successful SEO copywriting is all about telling a compelling story and delivering brilliant, well-structured content so as to give potential customers the information they need, as well as cover keywords and phrases relevant to your business.

Whether you use videos, imagery or written blog posts, you need your clients website to be within people’s eyeballs where they’re at for them to be compelled by it.

At GSD, we help our clients provide content to their clients through our white label SEO copywriting services which start at £50 per week.

Standard copywriting is an old-school technique where you focus on the selling proposition, making it short and concise with bullet points throughout.

SEO copywriting, on the other hand, requires an awareness of your user goals to determine what they are most likely to search for, then integrating those elements within the content without effecting how the user reads the page.

One great way of doing so is to avoid over-marketing and by having a conversational tone that meets the needs of your audience. If we were to keep pushing the words ‘white label SEO copywriting’ down your throats every few lines it would soon become boring, but if we can seamlessly integrate it in to sentences and make it seem natural, we can cover both goals.

That conversational tone is one of the most sought after things in SEO copywriting. It is a common trick used amongst every experienced SEO copywriter – one that seems simple but has huge ramifications.

For example, and we don’t do this as mandatory and it depends on the client, but it can also be intriguing to the user to add links and a link graph where necessary too, so long as you’re keeping your content fresh and original. It’s a great way to connect the pieces of an article. Plus, Google use these connections to indicate a ‘theme’ and decipher what you’re actually talking about and how to rank you, so by covering variant terms and linking to other related pages you can really build up an authoritative piece of content, naturally.

In short, search engine optimisation copywriting is the art of writing content that is optimised for web crawlers and page rank algorithms.

Progressively producing more pages on your current site with popular keyword combinations, offers prospects a solution to their search term.

Optimising content for keywords yields a higher rank for a company’s website on a search result page via necessary traffic gained from link-backs and reputation management tools.

But, for some clients it can be a real bug bear, for example, if your client is super emotionally attached to the website and is more focussed on look and feel over rankings and enquiries, it can be a hard thing to balance.

Typically, SEO copywriting involves deep and in detail content surrounding a subject, in basic terms the more you talk about a subject the more Google will like it. Potentially leading to better rankings.

Here are 6 SEO copywriting tips that we give to our writers when we take on a new white label SEO copywriting client:

1) Research about the topic you’re creating content for to make your writing sound like you know what you’re talking about.

2) Craft headlines with intent and maximise the bounce rate by creating curiosity-inducing headlines.

3) Read best practices for blog content, articles, social media posts, videos, and other types of content marketing too.

4) Work on multi-platform content creation while still meeting business objectives to maintain brand voice across all channels.

5) Keep text intent in mind while writing – fat text or images should be avoided whenever possible to create better UX for different browsers and devices.

6) Read how to publish blog posts and how to distribute content on your owned and rented channels.

– Avoid duplication of onsite content. If the content you’re writing has already been published elsewhere on your website, it’s not worth including that information in a new page, at least not as a complete duplicate. It’s fine and natural to cover similar subjects on a service based website.

– Create original content that ticks the boxes of your audience

– Keep product descriptions less than 200 words, focus more on the ‘sizzle’

– Always include the desired keyword in each paragraph but don’t force it.

– Write topically focused content by covering variant keywords and related subjects.

– Avoid link spamming by not adding more than 1 link per paragraph to internal pages, we always suggest no more than 2 or 3 external links per 1000 words too.

– Do not make use of keywords that are irrelevant to the information being written or spoken about as it will confuse Google, for example on this page you will not find a mention of our other white label services.

– Always proofread for errors as the smallest typo can put off a perfectionist client

– Restate the title and do not repeat it further in the copy

– Keep it conversational as it makes it super easy to include your keywords using examples and off the cuff statements.

– Avoid blabbering to keep the reader interested, it’s to do so with long-winded SEO copywriting but if you can achieve it on your clients website then it will boost conversion numbers heavily.

We have discussed the various types of articles that need to be provided for Google crawler, human visitors and other SEO algorithms so that they are able to understand your content more.

It’s important to differentiate between human and Google content to your client, show them the difference and guide them as to why utilising SEO copywriting is an integral part of any SEO campaign.

Using these tips, you’ll be able to write the best SEO copy for your clients niche. Good luck!