Case Studies

We have to be careful with our case studies.

 I’m sure you’d prefer we didn’t tell everyone who your clients are, or that the end client knows you’re outsourcing for that matter.

But most of our white label partners are happy to take a call from our perspective partners, so get in touch if you’d like references.

Client 'A': Gadget Niche

One of our white label partners approached us in August 2021 as they had a client in the gadget niche that was fed up of being “sold the dream” on SEO and no-one actually being able to move them in the right direction.

The client had some decent rankings already but competing against some of the biggest brands in the World was proving tough. A couple of super-important keywords had never ranked on the first page, others were out of the top 5 ‘money zone’.

Link Building Focus


After a thorough audit we deduced that the reasons behind the lack of ranking movement was that their previous campaigns were not focused on acquiring new links.

Link building has to be the priority with every SEO campaign, but in this instance it was even more imperative that the campaign was heavily focused on guest posts and tier 2 links. 

The competition were very ‘samey’, all very well known brands, to stand out to Google in this situation it pays to be different.

How did we do it?

The end client was very cautious about investing in SEO after being burnt several times in the past so despite us suggesting we’d need a higher budget we started with only our basic offsite package – which doubled within a few weeks.

Our focus was on building links that the competition didn’t have, largely these were mid-tier guest posts, related comments and Q&A links as we’d had some great results in a similar industry using these tactics before. 

Alongside the link building, we advised and supported with many onsite strategies to boost relevancy, content silos, internal issues and improvements to structure.

The Results

Within a few weeks the client doubled their budget thanks to being able to see a tangible workload within our dashboard and the onsite help we provided.

4-6 weeks in the client jumped on to the first page for the keyword priorities they suggested, along with some core growth around hundreds of keyword variants.

In total, within 3-months they moved up 960 places on Google spread over 35 keywords. Along with a 443 ranking change on BING.

This will continue to grow and grow and the client has once again doubled the budget based on performance.

What the client said:

“Moving up on these keywords is fantastic progress, something i’ve been wanting to see for a long time! Keep up the great work. We are finishing here tomorrow for Christmas. 2022 will be a very exciting year with everything we have planned. I’m Looking forward to working together next year on these.”

Ashley, Owner.

Client 'B': Local Professional Services



A new white label partner came to us utilising our free trial option in September. Being a dev company and having launched a new website for one of their clients in the professional services industry (think local mortgage broker) early in the Summer they were hugely disappointed that they were not ranking.

In danger of losing their SEO and maintenance retainer they approached us. After an initial chat, some guidance from our head of SEO and emergency audits they quickly moved from the free trial to our £100 per week offsite and £25 per week onsite packages.

Content & Comments

Our first port of call was content, both in terms of structure and depth.

The site that had been developed had basically thrown away a lot of old content that Google liked thanks to a URL rework – something we see a lot.

Combining a strategy of expanding on content and utilising our favourite local ranking method (comment links) we were soon turning the corner.


How did we do it?

Firstly we bought back the old content through a series of new pages and redirects.

From there we added lots of keyword depth, seperated services pages and gave the website some keyword focus.

Combining the new content with an aggressive comment linking campaign started moving the needle very quickly.

As soon as we started seeing progress we quickly moved to a quality only link building campaign and expanding the content.

The Results

After only a few months the clients website has moved up nearly 1000 places on Google and half that on BING.

Multiple top 3 rankings and lots of new keyword variants ranking has produced dozens of new business enquiries.

3-months in SEO is nothing so we’re really happy with progress.

What the client said:


“We’ve had nothing but problems with previous SEO relationships but GSD really do get **** done. Thanks a bunch for everything and I can’t wait to find some more clients and put smiles on their faces with our results .”

Jake, Director.

Client 'C': London PPC Agency

A PPC agency in London were intending moving away from offering SEO services. They had historically outsourced all elements but were losing faith having been through multiple providers without success.

To them, it could impact the far higher PPC retainers if they underdelivered on SEO. Although they were not expecting instant results, they wanted to see constant progress, have clear and fast communication channels and most important offer value to the client.

Over the last few months of 2021 they have given GSD five clients and the rest are moving over in 2022.

Client 1: Business Tech

Client 2: Software

Client 3: POS Software

How did we do it?

Each client is different but the one thing they all share is their reliance on PPC for traffic and enquiries so it was important to focus on bang for buck and deliver rankings that would bring new business.

Using PPC data and current rankings we were quickly up to speed with each industry and client.

Largely our campaigns are link building based, focusing on game-changing keywords which are nearly all 2-word super competitive terms in the software industry. Using a thorough guest post strategy combined with super relevant Q&A’s we’ve quickly started seeing results.

The Results

All of the white label partners’ clients have seen solid rankiing growth through increased link building campaigns and a core focus on keyword relevancy through onsite audits.

Some super competitive terms have jumped to number 1 in only a few months which is amazing. Typically we expect growth to be in months 5/6 so to be seeing these movements this early is incredible.

What the client said:

“Great finding a team like you and here’s to a bigger 2022 .”

Justin, Director.